How to Sell Your Vehicles Fast in the US: A Canadian Exporter's Guide

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Jennifer Lange
Automotive Tech Journalist

If you’re navigating the vehicle export journey from Canada to the US, inventory turns are the name of the game. The phrase "your first loss is your best loss" is particularly true in this market, where cars are depreciating assets – the goal is to get your capital back to work by buying fresh vehicles as quickly as possible. 

Let’s explore the essential steps to expedite your Canada to US vehicle sales cycle.

Mastering Market Dynamics for Swift Sales

Selling vehicles across borders is an exercise in precision. You're buying a vehicle today with the ambition of selling it wholesale in 30-45 days. Success hinges on paying close attention to depreciation, retail days supply, and wholesale transaction volume. You can infer a lot by tapping into real-time data – if wholesale transactions are increasing and retail days supply is decreasing, chances are demand is on the rise. 

The Art of Pricing for Profitability

In vehicle export, the battle for profit is won or lost the moment you buy. Snagging vehicles at the right price, while smartly accounting for depreciation, sets you up not just to compete, but to dominate. Pay too much out of the gate, and you're climbing a steep hill to profitability. The key to not overpaying lies in harnessing the right mix of data and tools – including demand insights, comprehensive wholesale information, and an understanding of depreciation. This strategic approach allows you to acquire vehicles at prices that ensure competitiveness and profitability.

Diversifying Demand Channels

In today's market, success is measured by the breadth of your demand channels. While auctions remain a staple, broadening your sales avenues ensures your vehicles reach the largest audience possible. At Signal, we're dedicated to expanding your reach by bringing together a vast network of buyers through our marketplace and strategic partnerships, connecting you with a wider audience to significantly amplify your sales potential. What’s more, Signal Marketplace allows interested US dealers to reserve vehicles during the DOT hold period, uniquely positioning your inventory for immediate sale post-hold to expedite your cash flow.

Fast Track Your Vehicle Export Success with Signal

Maximum success in vehicle exporting means adopting a strategic approach focused on quick inventory turnover. By leveraging in-depth market insights, tapping into flexible financing, and accessing a diversified network of buyers, you're equipped to navigate this terrain more efficiently than ever. Signal Technologies is committed to helping you sell more cars faster with our suite of tools that simplify buying, pricing, and selling. 

If you stay on top of your profitability and start turning vehicles more efficiently, you will want access to more capital to grow your business. Canadian banks often shy away from funding assets headed out of the country, and US banks aren't keen on financing vehicles without a title. Tapping into flexible financing breaks down these barriers, allowing you to acquire more cars and sell them faster, without getting slowed down by funding obstacles. 

Transform your export strategy and witness the power of faster, more profitable vehicle sales. Schedule a demo today. 

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