The Most Efficient Way to Process Imported Vehicles

Signal Import is the only integrated solution created for US Registered Importers to simplify and accelerate the steps required to import vehicles, while helping your customers grow.

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Signal Import is 100% free for Registered Importers
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Free Import Tools For You & Your Customers

We worked with leading Registered Importers to find all of the inefficiencies and opportunities for faster, smarter importing. That’s how we came up with tools like automated recall checks, bulk file management, and brokerage integrations - and now they’re free for you to use.

"They have given us tools to process vehicles faster which allows us to service our customers at a higher level. Our customers are loving Signal and we are seeing that in the growth of their businesses.”
Sebastian Jones, Import Alliance

Eliminate double entry - Brokerage Integration

Signal has a full customs brokerage integration, so that any vehicle you import is automatically entered into both systems, allowing better tracking and new tools including bulk file uploads and automated recall checks.

Manage All Vehicles From One Screen

Signal was created to help Registered Importers manage their business more efficiently - from titling through to conformity, reporting, recall checks, bulk bond releases, photos, and more. Simply log in, and it’s all there.

Screenshot of Signal UI
Screenshot of Signal UI

AI Driven Recall Management

Signal’s technology automatically checks each of your vehicles for recalls every day, taking a screenshot of the OEM website and tracking the recall status so you can easily monitor all your import inventory.

Bulk Bond Release Uploads

Upload a big file of bond releases and Signal will automatically parse all VIN numbers, update the release date, and attach the individual bond release to each vehicle instantly - completely eliminating a tedious and time consuming task.

Screenshot of Signal UI

Mobile Apps for Faster Fieldwork

Use the Signal Import mobile application to capture key data and track updates and activity across your lots, every time a vehicle is touched. Take photos that get automatically added to the brokerage system, add tags to indicate important notes, update the location of vehicles, and more - all in one app.

Best Practices and Tools to Help Your Customers Grow

Signal shares best practices and industry updates to keep you on the leading edge of the import ecosystem, and also gives your customers tools to help them grow, including Export Finance, FX micro forwards, simple payment processing, and insurance.

Track Vehicles and Share Documents in One Place

When you update a vehicle, your customers can see those updates instantly, giving them full visibility into the process. Plus, the shared document repository gives you and your customers easy access to important documents at any time.

"Their technology isn’t just smart; it’s customer-centric. We get valuable insights that help us customize our offerings to match what our customers want. Our customer base has grown in a big way with the help of Signal"
Kathy White - JAWZ Auto Imports
“Signal’s technology and products are all about growth. They have given us tools to process vehicles faster which allows us to service our customers at a higher level. Our customers are loving Signal and we are seeing that in the growth of their businesses.”
Sebastian Jones - Import Alliance
"Quick payment processing, support on fx, and visibility into my vehicle from purchase to sale has played an instrumental role in scaling my business from 30 vehicles per month to over 150 vehicles per month"
Omar Alomar - Ramo Al Auto Sales
Signal Technologies has not only helped us reduce overhead, streamline the process, and provide an easy-to-use product, but their support team is second to none and always there to lend a hand and continues to listen gathering feedback. They in turn provide feedback to their development team to grow with the demands of the industry.
Charlie Daniel - Bridge Fleet LLC
5x Faster
Sales of Signal's smart-suggested inventory than regular listings
8 Days
Average time it takes for a vehicle to sell on Signal Marketplace
29M Transactions
Analyzed over the past year to inform the inventory suggestion algorithm
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