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Signal was built from the ground-up for dealers to export more efficiently, giving you the technology, financial tools, and demand channels you need to simplify the export process and make more money.

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Buy, Finance, Process, and Sell - Powerful Tools For Every Step

Exporting vehicles to the US just got easier. Now there’s a better way to complete each and every step, from appraisals all the way through to sales.

"The combination of Signal's tools and substantial finance gave our business the backbone to focus on volume and rotation, while significantly increasing our exposure to the US market"
Gary K, Autoboyz Fine Cars Inc. 


Calculate the Right Price for Export

Our Export Calculator helps you price vehicles for the US market, taking into account all the major variables: wholesale value, depreciation, FX, and more.

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See Comprehensive US Wholesale Values and Market Trends

Signal Market Guide uses machine learning on top of millions of wholesale transactions to predict the wholesale value of your vehicles in the US right now, and how those values are changing over time - helping you nail down the best price.

Find Out What’s Selling, And What’s Not

Signal’s Marketability Scores help you gauge US demand for a vehicle right now based on current supply and recent sales transactions, helping you get ahead of the market.

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Financing That Helps You Grow

Signal provides the only modern finance solution geared specifically for vehicle exporting, making it simple to finance each vehicle and scale your business. Rinse, repeat, and grow.

Example of an FX Loss

USD $48,000 Wholesale Value to a US Dealer
  • 1.359 FX Rate at Purchase = CAD $65,232
  • 1.332 FX Rate at Sale = CAD $63,936
Results in a $1,296 Loss

Eliminate FX Risk

Completely remove the risk of foreign exchange rates working against you by automatically booking “micro” forwards for each vehicle using Signal’s RateLock.


Shared Visibility With Your Registered Importer

Signal Export links directly with our solution for Registered Importers, ensuring that any change they make to your vehicle’s status is automatically reflected on your end.

Purpose-Built Inventory Management

Signal is the only inventory management solution built specifically for exporting. Appraise vehicles while factoring in FX and depreciation, add them to inventory, track their import status and more - all from one place.

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Access Thousands of US Buyers

Signal can offer your inventory to our network of over 13,000 US dealers, allowing them to “buy now” before auction day so you can keep turning inventory without waiting.

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Only pay for services you subscribe for

Signal only makes money when you do - take advantage of our low sell fees and advanced toolset to help you grow faster.


“Our export business has grown considerably. The combination of Signal's tools and substantial finance gave our business the backbone to focus on volume and rotation, while significantly increasing our exposure to the US market. We look forward to the further growth offered by partnering with Signal!”
Gary K, Autoboyz Fine Cars Inc. 
I’ve been partnered with Signal for over 5 years now, and their bundled services innovate and make me more efficient running my business. Quick payment processing, support on fx, and visibility into my vehicle from purchase to sale has played an instrumental role in scaling my business from 30 vehicles per month to over 150 vehicles per month.
Omar Alomar, Ramo Al Auto Sales
5x Faster
Sales of Signal's smart-suggested inventory than regular listings
8 Days
Average time it takes for a vehicle to sell on Signal Marketplace
29M Transactions
Analyzed over the past year to inform the inventory suggestion algorithm
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