Ensuring visibility when exporting vehicles to the US: a guide for new exporters

August 14, 2023
Export Insights
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Christina Taylor
Wholesale Automotive Expert

Ensuring visibility when exporting vehicles to the US: a guide for new exporters


To protect against theft, dealerships often employ obvious security measures to keep their inventory secure. Whether it’s through cameras, alarms, secure fencing, parking lot lighting, or all the above, keeping visibility on your lot isn’t just a concept…It’s as literal as can be.


But when a vehicle is not on your premises, how do you achieve that same visibility and security?


If you’ve felt hesitant to venture into the US market due to concerns about vehicle security and lack of visibility during the export process, you're not alone. For many new exporters—especially car dealers looking to tap into new revenue streams—ensuring the security of their vehicles is a chief concern. 

Obtaining security and visibility when a vehicle is moving through the export process can often feel risky. However, securely exporting vehicles into the US is possible, and in fact has never been easier and safer!


Simple best practices for your export business


Over time, exporters have discovered a handful of successful methods to secure their transactions. Even though they do not offer complete oversight, these methods help increase the chances of a secure, successful transaction when their registration is given to their RI and the vehicle is titled in another country under their name.  

If you’re looking to begin your export journey, here are a few tried-and-true best practices to get you started:


  • Select an RI who is registered with the NHTSA. It’s mandatory to use an RI in order to ensure compliance with cross-border regulations. While all RIs are technically registered with the NHTSA, you want to make sure your RI is above board and follows all regulations, otherwise they could be suspended, resulting in your vehicles being impounded.

  • Use a reputable transport company that is insured. Transportation is a critical stage of the export process. Working with an established, reliable company provides an added layer of security for your vehicles.

  • Choose an RI with good security protocols in place, including on-site security cameras, key lockboxes, etc. Working with an RI who has a secure facility will help deter theft and keep your vehicles protected during the hold period.


Using technology to go the extra mile

Through technology, exporters are now able to take these best practices further and gain an unparalleled level of visibility on their export business.


By partnering with an RI who uses technology to transparently track inventory and streamline their export business, exporters can gain visibility into the export process as though it was happening right on their lot.


Purpose-built for exporters like you


At Signal, we help make the above possible. Our purpose-built technology automates and provides visibility into the end-to-end vehicle export process from Canada to the US.

Signal Export gives you everything you need to jumpstart your export network, too. The Signal Export ecosystem brings together vetted Registered Importers who exceed industry standards, trusted logistics partners, and over 13,000 dealers from across the United States through a partnership with CarOffer. Combined, this extensive network ensures that your vehicles are in safe hands throughout the export process.

Once onboarded to Signal, you'll have access to a user-friendly dashboard that enables you to keep track of relevant export documentation, notes, and real-time updates on each vehicle in your inventory as it’s updated by your RI. No more cumbersome spreadsheets or time-consuming email conversations. Instead, you can get up to speed on where your vehicle is within the import process in just a few clicks!


Exporting vehicles doesn’t have to be scary

Don't let concerns about visibility and vehicle security hold you back from tapping into a $15B market.


By building a network of trusted suppliers and leveraging purpose-built technology, you can have visibility and alleviate security concerns, all while protecting your investment and turning more vehicles, faster.


At Signal, we’re here to help you do just that and maximize your success. 

We offer several demand channels — including Signal Marketplace (300+ US dealers) and our partnership with CarOffer (13,000+ US dealers) — so you can trust that your inventory is being seen by reputable exporters across the country. 


Discover the only software platform that has automated the $15B Canada to US used vehicle import market—book a 1:1 demo today!

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