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We are 100% Focused on Helping our Customers Grow!

Our Mission: 

To grow the $15B US vehicle import market by providing dealers with the tools to Buy, Finance, Process, and Sell imported vehicles Faster, Easier
and more Profitably than ever before

50% Growth
Utilize Signal's export finance and grow by 50% in 90 days.
Same day payments with competitive FX rates.

Since Q1 2018, we have been developing software to automate every aspect of the $15B US used vehicle import market. 30,000 vehicles are imported from Canada to the United States every month. These are high quality, late model used vehicles that are in high demand from US dealers.

The Signal platform automates everything that a Canadian exporting dealer needs, from appraising, to finance, insurance, payments and assistance with sales.

Our software is free to use, you only pay for additional services that you need such as:
- Export finance
- Insurance
- Payments
- FX Forwards with Rate Lock

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Meet the Signal team

Steve Jillings
Chief Executive Officer
Dream Car: 1967 Shelby GT500 by Revology
Tane Jillings
Dream Car: Porsche 911 GT3 (manual of course)
Kestas Barzdaitis
Chief Technology Officer
Dream Car: BMW 507
Raj Fagurha
Vice President, Finance
Dream Car: Aston Martin DBS
Mitch O’Gorman
Vice President, North American Sales
Dream Car: Cadillac CTS-V
Christina Taylor
Vice President, Business Operations
Dream Car: Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT
Jesse Brown
Vice President, Supply (West)
Dream Car: Ferrari La Ferrari
Joyce Hung
Director, Finance
Dream Car: BMW i8
Jenn Merryman
Director, Operations
Dream Car: 1958 Porsche 356A 1600 Cabriolet
Mike Nelson
Director, Data Science
Dream Car: Ferrari La Ferrari
Sheri Muir
Director, Export Finance
Dream Car: 2024 BMW M4 Competition Coupe M xD

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