Streamline Export Financing with Signal

October 3, 2023
Export Insights
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Sheri Muir
Wholesale Automotive Expert

Streamline Export Financing with Signal 

As part of our commitment to help dealers buy, finance, process, and sell vehicles, we are excited to launch Signal’s new Export Finance Program

The Export Finance Program is fully integrated within Signal and is designed to help dealers grow their business and get access to flexible capital.

Earlier this year, we beta-tested our Export Finance Program with a select group of partners, and the response was overwhelmingly positive. Several exporters who participated in our beta test were able to double their sales and reduce the risk of exchange rate fluctuations.

A modernized Export Financing solution

Traditional financing avenues are burdened with lengthy and complicated application processes. Alongside these obstacles, confusing and unclear fees make it difficult to understand just how much you’re actually paying for financing.

Signal realized that there were limited options for dealers to finance vehicles for export. The lack of options combined with stricter lending has made getting access to more capital very difficult for vehicle exporters. Our Export Finance Program solves these pain points for dealers.

Signal’s Export Finance Program is very straightforward:

  • Simple application process
  • Transparent fees, made up of a loan origination fee and interest
  • All loans are issued in USD, creating an immediate hedge against CAD/USD FX fluctuations
  • Full Bill of Sale financing and hold period financing available
  • 60-day terms with the ability to extend
  • Credit limits that grow with you

Signal’s Export Finance Program in action

The Signal Export Finance Program has been in beta testing for 6 months with a dozen dealers and exporters from both sides of the border, and the results have been very positive.

One Alberta-based exporter shared his success story: "I wanted to maintain the export volume I achieved in my previous business. Signal became my strategic partner, offering financing solutions that enabled me to continue operations seamlessly and double my sales. With their capital support and efficient Foreign Exchange services, I could scale my business successfully without any downtime."

We're thrilled to announce that Signal's Export Finance Program is fully integrated into Signal Export and is now available to all dealers.

Unlock capital for your next export  

For users of Signal Export, obtaining financing for a vehicle is now seamless. Easily request financing directly through Signal Export, track your existing loans, and manage documentation—all within the application. If you're not already using Signal Export, sign up to manage your export inventory and enjoy the benefits of integrated Export Financing.

With our Signal Market Guide and Export Calculator, determining the financing available for a vehicle is a breeze. The application process is swift, as is the approval for an initial credit limit.

Our Export Finance Program is just one element of our financial suite, complemented by insurance, Foreign Exchange services, and payment processing. Together, they empower you to focus on what you do best—acquiring vehicles to sell in the US.

Don't let capital constraints hold you back. Join Signal today and let us support your export financing needs.

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