The fastest way for Registered Importers to process vehicles

Optimize your time from receiving the vehicle to dot submission without the manual legwork of calls, emails, and headaches. Plus, offer your exporters and buyers an all-in-one platform to move inventory quickly.

Introducing the only end-to-end vehicle import technology

Automate every step of the vehicle importing process from appraisal through to titling. Track every vehicle from the moment it hits the lot through to final DOT hold.

Goodbye, paperwork
Signal Import automates your task management from onboarding through to label printing, speedometer tracking, DOT photos, and more.
See every step
Gain full visibility into the import process. Signal Import can track and report on vehicles from appraisal through to titling and sale so you (and your customers) can stay on top of reporting and timelines.
Finance for exporters
Register your interest. Offer Signal’s exclusive financing to your customers during the 30 day DOT holding period, so they can reinvest those funds back into scaling their business - which in turn helps you grow yours.
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Import Automation: Faster, easier conformity packages

Compile and finish your DOT conformity package tasks quickly with purpose-built tools and automation to help you.

Signal Import’s tool suite includes a mobile app for managing tasks out in the field, including vehicle photos, speedo in/out, label printing, and more.

Import Dashboard: No more spreadsheets

Make sure none of your imported vehicles slip through the cracks.

Track every stage of your business through the Signal Import dashboard to make informed decisions quickly, all at a glance - without updating manual spreadsheets.

"So often you waste your time with auctions or sellers who want too much for their used inventory. Now I have access to better quality trucks than I have for years!"
Dustin Desmarteau - Lifted Trucks Phoenix
"Partnering with Signal and being able to utilize the market place opened up an amazing selection of inventory at much lower costs than the auctions. The marketplace has a great user interface that includes data points to help make decisions on which vehicles to select very easy."
Shane Wood - Bruce Titus Ford
"Our stores average gross is 40% higher sourcing inventory with Signal... With Signal inventory our sales team can proudly and confidently show the inventory we get, which easily and noticeably leads to higher profit."
Chris Haugen - Discovery Auto
5x Faster
Sales of Signal's smart-suggested inventory than regular listings
8 Days
Average time it takes for a vehicle to sell on Signal Marketplace
29M Transactions
Analyzed over the past year to inform the inventory suggestion algorithm

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